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New broadband order not (properly) processed after nearly four weeks!

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Registered: ‎29-07-2020

New broadband order not (properly) processed after nearly four weeks!

Hi Plusnet, I am extremely unhappy with my new broadband order due to recent home moving. Let me summarize what happened so far:

  1. I called to place the order on 11 July, was told broadband would be activated during 28-30 July, nothing happened and could not reach the Prov team to get order update.


  1. Reached the Prov team on 31 July after many calls every day and several hour long waitings. Was told the order was NOT placed yet (after 20 days!). The staff promised to place the order.


  1. On 2 August, got email that ‘delayed due to no compatible lorn number’ and ‘replaced the order’ and would update in 24 hours. No idea what had happened but no update for sure.


  1. Today (6 August), received an email to install new phone line on 18 Aug and another email from BT guessing it is for phone line. There was an existing line which just needs to be switched on. Totally confused why a new line is needed.

It has been nearly four weeks since I first placed the order and still I cannot see this order in my online account, what caused the delay, and more critically when the broadband will be activated. Both work and life of the family are affected. Have been a customer for many years but quite let down this time.

Any staff member willing to help get this resolved quickly?