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New broadband activation status: UNKNOWN

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New broadband activation status: UNKNOWN



on 18 July I took out a new broadband contract with Plusnet. Installation was scheduled at 31/07/2020.


On 23/07/2020 I receive an email saying:

We have been notified of a change on your order by our suppliers.  One of our team will be looking in to it, and will be in touch.


Since then I assume the team is still looking in to it as haven't heard anything since......... Nice start..

Tried to call CS but that seems not possible during the day as only have a 30 minute lunch break...... why the lack of communication? Basically I have no idea what next.. ROFL..

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Re: New broadband activation status: UNKNOWN

Exact same as me. 

Trying to get in contact with them and i'm sat on 57 minutes currently dialled in. Getting fed up now and i haven't even used their broadband service yet. Never experienced such a customer service.

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Re: New broadband activation status: UNKNOWN

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