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New Router

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New Router

Had a text last night to say my line was ready so got home and set up my router as per the instructions in the box. However it still has not connected to the internet. Broadband light is constantly flashing, no internet light and wifi light is on green.
Help?! im sick of using my mobile data in my new house!
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Re: New Router

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Re: New Router

Hi @ronnie96, welcome to our community forums!


I'm sorry for the delays in getting connected, I have contacted our suppliers for an update and provided further information on a ticket here.


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Re: New Router

Hi @ronnie96 and welcome to the forums.

Shame it's not on a positive note Sad

Is the wording the phone line is ready or does it also say your broadband is ready?

If it's only the phone, then you need to also wait for a second message saying the broadband is ready too.


There could also be delays with Openreach finishing or indeed an account/connection issue preventing you from saving your mobile data.


oops, the above reply wasn't there when I first read your post, my bad Embarrassed