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New Order with a Silver Key Address

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New Order with a Silver Key Address

Morning everyone,

Thought it might be easier to get this one across on here. 

I've just moved into a flat, Openreach socket on wall and no noise on the line. I'm looking to open an account with Plusnet and on the phone last week was told I have a silver key address (on royal mail database, but not on Openreach's), therefore my address doesn't show up on Plusnet's database (and most other providers) nor can I be given an estimation of speed or FTTC estimation.

In short, can Plusnet open an ORDI request to Openreach to change my address level to Gold and survey the address proving the line to cabinet and then exchange? I was told by Plusnet that I'd first need to open an order and sign up to basic broadband along with a new line installation before I can be assessed for FTTC capability, but this seems like a long-winded and dare I say more expensive route? Two other flats in my building appear to take FTTC, so I know it's possible to the building.

The other intriguing bit is that Sky is the only provider's website my address shows up on. Do they use a different database or are they just lying to me? (Not that I want to be with them...)

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks.


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: New Order with a Silver Key Address

Thanks for getting in touch @amitch1993

If you can drop me a PM with the address in question we'll see what we can do

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team