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New Customer - Outside Line Hanging Down Wall!

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New Customer - Outside Line Hanging Down Wall!

Hello - I was wondering...

I have just moved to a new home and wanted to join PlusNet for my fibre broadband. The house does have a phoneline leading to it from the pole out on the street but the cable down the wall of the house is then just hanging down. Would I have to pay any additional costs for that to be rectified and a point installed in the house or is that part of the £49.99 installation charge?



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Re: New Customer - Outside Line Hanging Down Wall!

We used to have constant problems with the cable flapping loose down the front wall of our house. It looks awful and the cable will eventually suffer damaged, likewise TV antenna cables flapping about in the wind. The problem was the mortar between the bricks was so soft, as to give no fixing to nail clips.

I moved everything inside, so the cables went straight from the pole, into the loft at the eaves, then down the centre of the house. Likewise with the antenna cables, there have been no problems since and the house looks much tidier. You cannot expect Openreach to do this, but if you run the cable ready for them, they will likely be more than happy to connect it.

They will probably be willing to refix the cable where it is at no charge, but they could charge for additional or moving an existing socket.




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Re: New Customer - Outside Line Hanging Down Wall!

Hi Ben.

Unless I'm mistaken I believe I've answered your question over Facebook?

Let us know if you have any further queries, or I'm wrong. Smiley


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