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New Customer From ADSL To Fibre

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New Customer From ADSL To Fibre


I've had ADSL for a lot of years and just placed an order with yourselfs last week for Unlimited Fibre Extra. I've had a notification that is idue to become active on the 5th September.

I am really confused on if an engineer will come out to my house and install new master socket / wiring and set up router?

The engineer who sorted out the wiring in the past, it could be vast improved and would like some help would be apreciated

Also i'm attaching some pics on the set up around the house.

Picture 1 is the master socket which is in the dining room on window ledge down stairs next to a landline phone

Picture 2 with the red carpet is in the living room down stairs for the cordless phone

Picture 3 with very light blue wall / grey carpet with grey carpet in bedroom upstairs with another cordless phone

Picture 4 with grey carpet in bedroom upstairs where the router is currently

I would prefer to have the master socket moved and placed upstairs if i can so i can have my PC / PS4 hard wired Ethernet cabled, as i have already have it cabled as the router is upstairs. The router is on a really long extension going through the wall and outside eventaully to the master socket downstairs. I do know that ideally the router should be on the master socket for optimal speed as it's currently down stairs there's no way i could have a ethernet cable running from the bedroom from PC / PS4 down the stairs and running through 2 rooms.

Any help thanks

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Re: New Customer From ADSL To Fibre

Hi there,


The engineer won't visit your property as the fibre orders we place with our suppliers are self-install now which means that work is just completed at the cabinet. Ideally the router should be placed at your master socket.


From what I can see we're not providing your phone line so if you'd like Openreach to move your master socket you'd need to contact your telephone provider. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.



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