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New Customer - Bridge Case - Not PlusNet's fault

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New Customer - Bridge Case - Not PlusNet's fault

Hello disgruntled PlusNet users, 

(I'm sure there are many of you) 


This will be a quick run down as to what's happened since I ordered my broadband back on the 28th of February. 

Paid my £32.99 for setup, no worries.

Even queried the cost of a static IP address, £5, great! 


2 weeks pass, I move into my house on the 8th. 


I didn't receive the router until the 12th! 

Not great service at this point but I get put through to someone who says theres a fault on the line and that I will receive an update on the day after, fine. 

No update.

I call Plusnet back, again to be told that I can have my phone line activated on the 15th and ADSL put in to help the fact Plusnet are already 7 days behind the 10 they normally promise. I said, "Sure" that sounds good but when can I have my VDSL installed, the 18th they say, okay, not great but better than nothing. 

The ADSL never arrives, I call Plusnet AGAIN to find out what's going on, 40 minutes later I'm told I can't have an ADSL line and that isn't something I should ever have been offered?! RETRAIN YOUR STAFF. 

I then get told that the line isn't faulty it's a hardware fault at the cabinet and it's BT's fault.. What a surprise. 

I also have a complaint raised against the gentlemen who sold me the broadband back on the 28th, the lady who lied about the ADSL and now the general lack of sincerity that I have had when calling Plusnet. 

After insisting that I want to speak to a manager, I eventually get called back by a manager, Fred. 

He has since given me a £25GWG, fine but I just want my broadband. 

I am now on my 3rd expedited bridge case with BT and it's always the same, we need a further 48 hours, oh they only work Monday to Friday, it's just ridiculous. 


I'm surprised anyone even has PlusNet broadband! 



Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: New Customer - Bridge Case - Not PlusNet's fault

Hello @DGingerMagician


I am deeply sorry to hear about the experience you have had with our services and the delay in connecting you.


I have responded to your query via a ticket. You can view my response by Clicking Here


Should you require any further assistance, please do get back in touch with us.


Best wishes.