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NO Communication

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NO Communication

I ordered my broadband on 19 March 2020.

All the literature and yes, PR, was all about keeping you in touch with the progress, blah, blah.....




During this lockdown we need internet so my four children can do their school work.


This was not a switch of service, just a Broadband router plug-in on a phone line that has been operational for 6 years.  No fibre or anything fancy.  Therefore, no Engineer required.


Last I could see is that the 'Line is being tested'.  No sign of a router on it's way to us.


15 days and counting.  I fully expect a 'Corona Virus Excuse', but that wasn't used when they were quick to take my order over the phone - at lightning speed!


PlusNet - We will NOT 'do you proud'.

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Registered: ‎03-04-2020

No Broadband Delivered and No Customer Services

we placed our order on 19th March 2020 and havd heard NOTHING from PlusNet.

We have no broadband since Sunday 29 March 2020. My four children need to download their homework from school during this lockdown.

All Plus Net customer service phones are not answering broadband order queries.

We don't need any Engineer visits as this is an existing line. Just standard ADSL Broadband.

When we placed the order we were told Thursday 02 April 2020. This as we now know was bull****.

Come on, PlusNet, practice what you preach and 'do us proud'.
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Re: No Broadband Delivered and No Customer Services

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