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My switch to fibre

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My switch to fibre


Yesterday I put an order in to upgrade from standard broadband to fibre.
Any idea when it will be active?

Also I have a new plusnet one router coming in.  Must this only be setup after my fibre has been activated or can it be set up before and work on the existing standard broadband connection?

Thank you.

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Re: My switch to fibre

Keep an eye on "View my Questions" on your PlusNet Members page for information on your order.


The router is usually only sent out a couple of days before your change date. However, once received it can be used on your existing connection.



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Re: My switch to fibre

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Re: My switch to fibre

@Koloth Hi there.

Your fibre upgrade is due to complete on the 20th and you should receive the router before then.

As mentioned above you can use the new router we send out on standard broadband as well as fibre broadband.

Once the engineer carries out the work it will automatically swap over.

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