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My switch from Sky seems to have been completely messed up

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Registered: ‎17-08-2017

My switch from Sky seems to have been completely messed up

Not at all happy with plusnet right now.

My phone and broadband switch from Sky has been completely messed up and I now have no phone line and no internet access and the text I received this morning says that I won't have any until 25th August.

I originally initiated the switch via Uswitch on 31st July. I received confirmation from plusnet by post.

My phone line  was cut off (predumeably by Sky) on 14th (although you didn't tell me that anything was about to happen until 15th! And plusnet sent me an email that said that my phone order was now "completed"! ) and my phone line is now dead. It took an hour to get through to customer service on the phone (from anothe rlocation) - and they said my order had been "cancelled"! Nothing on the website shows anything as having been cancelled.


The so called "new order" that was placed yesterday by your custome service (and I received a text about today) doesn't show up at all.on the website yet.


I'm sorry but this all looks a bit shoddy and someone at plusnet needs to take responsibility and sort this out. Being left completely without a landline and internet until at least 25th August now (even if that happens - in which I have zero confidence) is not really acceptable when you seem to have messed this up.


It is extremely difficult to see what is really going on here. Please find out and then sort it out properly and quickly.