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My order - help please

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My order - help please

Why was my last topic deleted?

Hello all, I just need to vent.

I signed up to plusnet fibre in a switch from sky broadband and my switch date was last week on the 10th.

The 10th passed and my sky was deactivated but plusnet wasn't running so I called the following day and was told that there was an issue with the service provider and it would be installed by tomorrow (15th).

I have since had further communication from plusnet and have been told that I won't be activated tomorrow and that you'll send me a new activation date within 72 hours but the reason behind this isn't clear!

I have been told twice that I would be compensated although this wasn't clear how! I am now without any internet or phone line and this issue isn't being fixed! I had stable broadband with sky so what is the issue, why am I being messed around?

My brother switched from sky to BT last month with no issue and my mum from sky to now broadband, both were smooth moves, my brother was informed it was as simple as flicking a switch.

Would it be possible for sky to reinstate my broadband as my experience so far with plusnet has been a shambles and I've already paid for the first month's service too, or is there someone here capable of helping me get my service started?
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Re: My order - help please

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