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Moving home

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Moving home

Hello there,

We called on 14 March to inform we were moving home. We were informed on the occasion that the internet would be cancelled at our previous address on the 18th of March, and be activated on the new address no later than 26th of March.

On the 25th, I received a message saying the landline was activated, but no internet.

On the 26th of March after calling PN we were informed that the telefone was set up and the internet would be done by the end of the day.
Nothing happened.

I called again on Saturday the 27th of March and I was informed the internet would be working from midnight. Again, nothing happened.

On Sunday the 28th, I called again, and the department was closed and therefore no one could help, and I had to wait until Monday to call and chase again!

On Monday, 29th, I called again, and after transferring me several times, they said the transfer hasn’t been complete. Apparently there is a team responsible for dealing with new accounts when moving home, but I never managed to get transferred to them, instead, the person I was speaking with was going to message them, and then call me later to give feedback!

Since the first call communicating the moving on 14th March, 15 days have passed that I am without internet, and having to call constantly to check if I can get my situation fixed.

Internet is essencial today, as we are working from home, and it’s vital that we have our internet up and running.

No person seems to be able to help when we call, and only keep postponing the activation date!

Also, we paid for the whole month of March and we only had 17 days of usage (as the internet was cut from the 18th of March), so we would appreciate if a refund or a deduction on the next bill is applied.

Not only that, we have run out of data of our mobiles to be using it as internet source, and now we are having to buy expensive bolt-on to manage the home office.

Seriously Plusnet, is it too much to ask for my internet up and running?

Kind regards
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Re: Moving home

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Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Moving home

Hi @SBrewer, I am sorry to hear of the issues with your order.


I have had a check and can see your orders all all complete; the latest bill generated this month reflects the point the services ceased, as we do not bill you for  the services whilst they aren't active. The next bill that generates next month will reflect the point the services activated.


I can see upon testing the line, that your service is currently out of sync and it looks like there is a potential fault being detected. I would advise to complete our troubleshooting here and connect to the test socket for the time being. If the router is then still unable to connect, you can log a fault here so that we can further investigate.


I am sorry for the inconvenience caused and once your broadband is live, we can look to issue a refund for downtime for the duration a fault is open on the account.

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team