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Moving home - nightmare?

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Registered: ‎18-06-2020

Moving home - nightmare?


I thought this would simple, I telephoned on Friday to say I’m moving on 1st April. No problem but because it’s Easter, it would be 6 April before an engineer will call PM at my new home.
So I get an email the next day to say the line has been initiated and the equipment is working! I telephoned and was told it was a badly worded email and it was just to confirm the order has been confirmed to cease my line and enable the new house on 6 April. So the old line is not being disabled when I move on the 1st ? No can only do it the same day. I then get an email to confirm the engineer is booked for AM.

so does anyone know who will be charged for any calls made after I’ve moved and how do I find out when the engineer is booked for.


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