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Moving home - Plusnet cancelled order and no update

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Moving home - Plusnet cancelled order and no update

Hi All


First time poster, I hope you can help and that I'm posting in the correct place.


I notified Plusnet I would be moving on 9th February, and the person I spoke to put my transfer date as Saturday 4th February (this weekend, which is my moving day). They told me a new line is needed, so they booked this in for Monday 6th February, so far so good. Then 10 days after this, they notified me that the order had got "stuck" due to a problem with their supplier so they had to cancel it, and they would have an update soon. It's now almost 2 weeks after they cancelled it and I still don't know what is happening with it, whether it has been reinstated, if my new line install date is still valid or when my broadband will be up and running. Communication has been terrible with them, I've either been fobbed off with them saying they'll have an update at a later date, or no response at all. I work from home at times and my son has one day a week of college online so we need this sorted ASAP. I am going to call them again tonight, but is anyone able to help in the meantime? I'm anxious that my moving date is so close and I'm still no further along than I was weeks ago.


Thanks in advance

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Moving home - Plusnet cancelled order and no update

Hi there, I'm sorry about the delays to your order. I've sent you a private message so please reply back with your username when you can and I'll help out.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team