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Moving House - new contract seems a lot?

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Moving House - new contract seems a lot?

I called Plusnet this morning to notify them that I'd be moving house in a couple of weeks time. Unfortunately the current owners are having the line disconnected, so the line is going to have to be reconnected when we get there.

The operator said that I could avoid the £114 charge for reconnection if I take out a new contract with them. The cheapest Fibre contract that was offered to me was £30.98 for 24 months - how come it's this expensive, when I currently pay £23.99 and can see offers on the Plusnet website for £25.99 for 18 months? I accepted the new contract but I know I have 14 days to change my mind. I wanted to get some advice on here before I call back to question.

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Re: Moving House - new contract seems a lot?


There are costs involved in moving related to ceasing the services at your old house and providing them at the new one. PlsuNet charge £65 to cover these if you wish to retain your old contract. Seems like the £114 you were quoted covers a new line provision as well.

Although the £30.98/month seems expensive, in reality this is £5/month over the offer price . i.e £120 over the 24 months which basically spreads the move and installation costs over the 24 months.

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Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Moving House - new contract seems a lot?

Hi there.

I'm afraid there are costs involved when processing house moves which includes ceasing the service at your previous address, activating it at your new address as well as the engineering work involved to install the line.

By taking out a new contract instead of paying up-front, we'd basically recoup these costs over time.

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 Anoush Mortazavi
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