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Move problems

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Move problems


Frustrated to say the least. Moved home on Friday last week (Friday 1st February).

Was advised to move onto Fibre broadband with move/phone line install/activation charges waived. Sounded good.

BT Openreach Engineer came Tuesday 5th and fitted the socket but said he couldn't do more and needed a hoist so a new appointment would be needed....

So a second morning lost waiting for an engineer....

Appointment booked for morning of Thursday 7th. Engineer turned up near the end of the morning slot around 1pm with a hoist and did some work on telegraph pole and went off.

Called BT engineer for update about 2:30pm and was told there is some problem locating line in cabinet?

Called Engineer again around 4:30pm and was told there is a problem because the line is located in a cabinet in which there is no broadband equipment....

He suggested a broadband fault would need to be raised by Plusnet for fibre equipment to the cabinet?....

I called Plusnet provisioning and told them what had happened - was told wait 24hrs for the information from BT side to update....

Decided to call this morning. First rep in provisioning didn't seem to want to look into the issue of the cabinet etc and said the service is all setup and the work order closed and to try the equipment.

Didn't want to argue so went off and tried only to find the orange light on router flashing.

Called again and someone listened attentively this time and transferred me to the faults team where someone said they have raised a fault with BT.

So far it's not been a smooth transition and there could be better communication between Plusnet and the customer.

2 mornings lost waiting for engineers and we are having to use the limited data we have on our mobile phones (which we have kept to a limited amount since joining plusnet a couple of years ago to cut costs relying on the WiFi mostly)

I'm just hoping it's not going to involve another lost morning or afternoon.

The phone line is active (which we don't use for phone calls anyway) and juys wondering what's going to happen to our biliing when we haven't had any service for these days.

No time frame on the solution thus far. Frustrating to say the least...
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Move problems

Hi @hayyan

Thanks for getting in touch and I am so sorry to hear about the issues you have had with your order journey when moving house.

I have responded via a ticket on your account with further detail on your issue. You can view these details here

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch

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Re: Move problems

On Sunday another engineer visited and managed to get the Fibre connection working to some degree. Some connection/disconnection and then an update from Plusnet that the connection is below the MGALS due to some fault.

Another morning in waiting for an engineer today. The 4th appointment since I moved in. Ran into the afternoon slot by a few hours but seems to have fixed the problem - hopefully....

I'm just wondering how this month's billing will be....

I ceased service at previous place 31st Jan whilst signing up for the Fibre for new property. The broadband didn't get connected until this past Sunday 10th and then it hasn't been at the MGALS for these days...

Hoping Plusnet will take all this into account...
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Re: Move problems

Hi @hayyan,

I'm glad that the recent engineer seems to have resolved the fault.

I have retested the line, it appears stable and is operating within the estimated speed. The fault ticket will remain open for 14 days and if the issue persists, let us know so we can investigate further. After checking your account, a member of our team has ensured the bill will be correct and refunded you for the loss of service.

Feel free to get back in touch if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you.

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