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Member Centre not displaying products

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Member Centre not displaying products

I requested unlimited phone and fibre on the 26th November moving from an ADSL John Lewis account.This partially completed on the 14th December, but due to problems with Openreach addressing finally completed on the 17th January after a broadband cease on the 7th. 

Unfortunately, the member centre is not displaying my products, though I can see my fibre usage/phone details elsewhere. I’m told payment is not being taken and, while I’m happy for this to continue indefinitely ;-), I’m sure you will catch up with me eventually.  I have had no complaints with Plusnet staff handling my transfer, but there seems to be some confusion as to whether this is the same problem experienced by Chrisvesey in the post “Incomplete order”. 

Can someone confirm if this is the same issue and I should wait on you, or should I pursue this further?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Member Centre not displaying products

Hi @taj_bach, I wouldn't worry too much about the product not displaying correctly on the member centre, as this is correct on the account and it may be related to the problems mentioned on some other threads.

In regards to the payments, I'm afraid there's not really much I can advise regarding this at the moment, however the payments should indeed catch up at some point.

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