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Long activation date

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Long activation date

I placed my order with plusnet on 23/04/18 over the phone and an engineer was booked to come out this monday 30th to do something with the phone line and was also told the broadband would go live from that date . Now late today plus net phone me to say there has been a problem with the order and have cancelled my order and re ordered it from todays date, thats all they could tell me until a few minutes later i got a text  to say activation date is 11th may .. WHAT????? So i have to wait another 2 weeks before activation .Why does it take so long to activate it ,2 weeks is ridiculous . I am not happy one bit about it .

Also i paid £49.99 because they said the engineer had to come into the house and install a new phone line (even though one is there) now they saying engineer does not need access to the house because there is a working phone line already there but when i asked for a refund they said that money is for the engineer going out to the cabinet in the street !! I don't know who to believe any more because the person who originally placed the order on monday said had the engineer not needed to come to the house i would not be paying the £49.99 and said he was correct now this lady is saying i do still have to pay the £49.99 and that she is correct , god knows who is telling the truth . can anyone from plus net tell me what is going on please ?Huh

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Re: Long activation date

Hi there.

I'm sorry to read about your experience.

It looks like our automated system was unable to put your order through to our suppliers automatically so we've placed the order manually on the 27th. I do apologise for the delays we've caused here.

Apologies also for the confusion surrounding the installation charge.

From what I can see there's no working line at your address, but there is a recently stopped line.

Unfortunately due to the type of equipment the line was connected to, we'll need an engineer to complete work at the exchange to connect your line onto BT Wholesale equipment that we use which we'd charge the £49.99 for.

With regards to the 2 week lead time, as we've placed your fibre order alongside the order to reactivate the stopped line, the lead time that our suppliers ask for is 14 days.

I hope this helps clarify things.


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