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Logistics of disconnection & new broadband

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Logistics of disconnection & new broadband

Due to problem with tel number my phone line & BB will now go live 13 or 14th August. Prior to this problem
my current ISP had e-mailed to say the line will be moved on the 10th (Friday)
Does anyone know if my previous ISP will pull the plug & I have to wait for Plusnet to reconnect ?

Obviously I don't want to be without a tel line & BB for the weekend & even longer.

Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Logistics of disconnection & new broadband

Hi @davidrt 


I would suggest confirming this with your current ISP, however, your current provider should keep the line active until that happens...depending on the way in which you have ended your contract with them and if we are performing a Working Line Take over from them.