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Keeping my landline number

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Registered: ‎21-03-2020

Keeping my landline number

Hi, I have just placed an order to upgrade my existing Plusnet broadband to fibre extra broadband and to transfer my landline from BT to Plusnet. I have placed the order online (as there are understandably long wait times to call Plusnet), and I did not see any info as to whether or not I can keep my existing landline number.


I really want (and I really need) to keep my existing number. We have had the same number for many years and it is important for me to keep in contact with my friends and relatives.


Is it possible to find out if I can keep my number?


I have seen this related post


If I cannot retain my landline number then I am afraid I would have to cancel. Will I be able to find out within the 14 day cool off period. Will I be allowed to change my mind if my landline number cannot be retained? Please help.