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Just Joined Plusnet - Quick Question

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Just Joined Plusnet - Quick Question

So today we joined Plusnet and got Unlimited Fibre Extra and Unlimited UK and Mobile Calls for £35/£45 a month compared to BT's £110-£130 Cheesy


Our contract with BT ends October 11th and when we signed up for Plusnet we chose the switch date of October 14th is that going to be fine? Or are we going to get an unexpected bill from BT saying we left early. Also BT mentioned something about a 30 day notice before we leave but there was nothing about that said when we signed up for Plusnet.



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Re: Just Joined Plusnet - Quick Question

BT tends to be a bit slow to stop their billing when you leave, and yes they do require 30 days notice, so will no doubt charge you for the extra few days. But also want they don't try and charge you the £30 cancellation charge, which they tried to do with me! Took me about 30 mins to point out their own rules, and even the email they sent me acknowledging the move.