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John Lewis to PlusNet

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John Lewis to PlusNet

I was informed that we would be transferred from John Lewis to PlusNet on 28 Feb - we weren't.

We were then given the 07 March - nothing happened.

After numerous telephone calls and on line chat today (08 Mar) the telephone was moved over but not the broadband.

More telephone calls and dead end lines on being transferred nothing has happened.

We've now had 6 e-mails telling us that the 'Home phone' subscription is active. Nothing about the broadband.

John Lewis are still charging (at a higher rate) and PlusNet has double charged (we pre paid for the line rental for the year but PlusNet have also charged a monthly fee for it).

Just been transferred on the phone yet again and been waiting 40 minutes so far.

Total time trying to get this sorted out so far in excess of 12 hrs.

Total incompetence.





Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: John Lewis to PlusNet

Good afternoon,


I can see that you have raised a formal complaint on your account and this will be picked up in the next 5 working days.



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Re: John Lewis to PlusNet

I am writing to sympathise with Ruddleston, as my experience of migrating from John Lewis Broadband to PlusNet parallels his.  I too had paid for a year's line rental upfront but, when the service was activated yesterday, I received, in the same instant, a bill for one month's Home Phone (line only) with all calls chargeable.  So far six calls in 24 hours at local rates amount to over £8.  I didn't get very far yesterday with PlusNet but today I think I have got Customer Services to start the refunding procedure.  

AFAIK, the root of the problem is that "the system" cannot distinguish between the telephone number of a PlusNet and a John Lewis Broadband customer, wanting to transfer in either direction.  It isn't a new problem either but seems to be one that PlusNet has not resolved by (presumably) re-writing its software.  In the meantime, the customer suffers. 






Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: John Lewis to PlusNet

Hello @ElizaT


I am sorry for any inconvenience caused. I can see you spoke to my colleague today in regarding the matter and has updated you accordingly.


Here are the tickets he created on your account, you can click here & here to view both of these tickets.


We have fed this back to the relevant team to look into these issues and see where the problem stems from so we can continue to improve our services.


Should you need any further assistance from us, feel free to ask.