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Issues getting connected

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Issues getting connected

Hi All,


Any ideas/suggestions to move this forward?!

I tried joining plusnet in august 2020, after waiting ~6 weeks for the engingeers who "were looking into the problem" as to why the line was connected but i was getting no signal i gave up and quit as i needed internet and they were unable to tell me how much longer it would be. I trialed home mobile broadband for the last few months but the signal is not reliable enough for working from home.


So I'm back to trying to set up a phone line to my property that works correctly. I booked the engineer to come last week who said the connection was working from my house to the "green box at the end of the street" but then there was an issue from there onwards.


Openreach "chat bot" estimate a wait of 5 mins but I am still waiting 45 mins later.

Just been on the phone to plusnet support who are "running checks" but I'm worried its going to end up like august where each time i ring they say the same thing. This time they say theyre going to set up the phone line and the broadband seperatley and i should have the first in 48hrs and then the broadband 48hrs after that. 


Anyone had anything similar?Huh




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Re: Issues getting connected

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