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Is this considered normal customer service? - Reward Card issues

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Is this considered normal customer service? - Reward Card issues

Is this true?


So I signed up to PlusNet via an offer that gives me a £60 reward card.

It’s not been the greatest experience so far,  but anyway….

PlusNet sent out my router first class post on 11th November and the router has still not arrived to this day.

PlusNet say they sent out a second router first-class post on 14th November — that one’s not arrived either.

It turns out that due to Covid staff shortages Royal Mail in my area has a massive backlog and is not delivering post in a normal way.  Royal Mail have told us to assume that any first-class item not received within 7 days should be considered lost because they are no longer able to deliver post.


Having discovered all this I called PlusNet to explain the Royal Mail situation and ask them NOT to send my £60 Reward out by post but rather to email it or do cash back instead.  The person I spoke to was helpful and raised it as a ticket.  Then a couple of days ago I received an email saying they can’t provide the reward by email or cash back and to call them to “discuss my options.”


Just called them. The woman I spoke to sounded half asleep.  She’s saying they already sent my Reward card out in the post on 17th November, despite me having already advised them post at present will not arrive.  She said “Royal Mail is guaranteed to arrive.  We’ve never had a customer’s reward card go missing.”  She added:  “It’s not our problem.”


I asked her what happens if the card simply doesn’t arrive.  She said: “That’s tough.  We’ve done our part by sending it out.”


I asked her what their protocol is when a customer’s reward gets lost in the post.  She said: “That’s never happened ever because Royal Mail post always arrives.”


At that point I decided not to bother continuing with the call.


Any ideas on how to handle this?


Given that the router they sent first class on 11th November (and the one they sent three days later) simply never showed up, things aren’t looking to promising for the reward card are they?

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Re: Is this considered normal customer service? - Reward Card issues

No idea how you can deal with that as you have no proof the items were not sent out.

The problem could be avoided if PN charged a little more so a tracking number for said items was available, this would be to the advantage of both PN and the customer so you could identify who was at fault.

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