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Is there a customer services email?

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Is there a customer services email?

I ask this question as the use of this forum is rather cumbersome and telephone is Sooooo slow.  I have been very scared to see so many issues people have had with new connections. My connection is due to start next Tuesday. I am biting my nails now. I have already had to sort out a problem of retaining my present telephone number which I think should  be the default and automatic.

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Re: Is there a customer services email?


No, there is no customer services email address (with the only exception for bereavement).


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Re: Is there a customer services email?


By the very nature of forums you don't hear much from people for whom it all went well.

I assume you are transferring from fibre service on a different ISP.

My recommendation is to leave the equipment supplied by the previous ISP connected on the service go live day and wait until your internet stops working.

Then connect the Plusnet supplied equipment and see what happens.

If it all works then fine.

If not turn the power off, wait 5 minutes and turn it back on.

From experience new Plusnet connections "just work" once Openreach have done their stuff.

If you have a BT Home Hub, if it is of the newest generation it might work better than Plusnet's Hub One so hang on to it for a while.

Finally, Plusnet's communications around go live can be misleading. The email trigger seems to be Plusnet's instruction to Openreach not Openreach having implemented the instruction so just wait for the previous connection to disappear before doing anything.




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Re: Is there a customer services email?

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Re: Is there a customer services email?

Hi @travelerjohn,


I am sorry to hear that you are nervous about your order.


I have had a look through your account into the whole process for your order and have sent you a ticket that you can view here


If you have any further questions feel free to get back in touch.



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Re: Is there a customer services email?

Hi Warick

Just let you know that I AM up an running with no probs in spite of worries , SO thank you for that. HOWEVER ,I was confused by the messages I received BY EMAIL ,not by text on my specified mobile as plus net stated. I got the first advice email while I was still connected by Talktalk saying my broadband service would be up and running at midnight tomorrow. I also got a text on my phone  on 14/11 saying that my router was in the post (which did arrive 2 days later as promised) and that the broadband service would be active shortly but to wait until I received a further text or email before connecting the modem/ router. Today at about 1pm my Talktalk service went down . At the same time I managed to receive an email on my smartphone using 3G that PlusNet HAD activated my PHONE service . Believing that Plusnet's broadband service was not yet active, I phoned TalkTalk saying they had disconnected broadband too early. They confirmed that they had disconnected it and could not now re connect it. I then received an email from PlusNet saying the BROADBAND service was connected. I could have been saved the worry of this apparent miss communication if PlusNet had been clearer that the time of midnight Tuesday for broadband was (I guess) a time limit, not the actual time it would be connected. I also understood that Talktalk's service would not be turned off UNTILL PlusNet's service was running so wait until I saw it go down. I guess in practice the three tings happened all at once at 1pm today. I just waisted time ringing Talk Talk due to my miss understanding.

Without my smart phone, I could not have received the advice emails. A lot of your support services seem to assume that internet service is already available. Anyway. Thanks again for a fault free connection

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Re: Is there a customer services email?

Hi @travelerjohn

I'm glad to hear things went smoothly in the end, and I'm sorry for the concern caused by the small break in service. This sometimes can happen depending on the engineering work needed to takeover the line.

Thanks for your feedback about the communication though, as always we're happy to take it on board and pass it on.

If you need any further assistance in the future, please feel free to post back to let us know.

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