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Is engineer visit and installation charge necessary?

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Is engineer visit and installation charge necessary?

Hello, I was hoping to start a contract for Fibre Broadband with PlusNet but when I tried to order it says I don't have a phone line.


A bit of background, I was with Sky up until a few days ago for Fibre Broadband. I'd been with them for a year with no problems, my discounted deal ran out and I told them I was going to cancel, hoping for another offer. None was forthcoming so I asked them to go ahead with the cancellation. I went online a few days later an noticed a deal on Skys website for Fibre that I was happy with so I signed up for another 12 months. Everything looked to have gone through well or so I thought.....


I then received an email a few days later saying cancellation was to go ahead, after explaining that I had signed up for a new contract they checked and had no record of it and it was too late to stop the cancellation. So now I have no broadband or phone (no dial tone). Not happy obviously.


So back to the original question. Is an engineer visit and installation charge really necessary if I was to have Fibre with PlusNet? Everything is physically in place at my property, master socket, phone line, etc. There has obviously been fibre to the property before so what does an engineer need to do?

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Is engineer visit and installation charge necessary?

I'm afraid as Sky generally provide their services on MPF lines as opposed to BT lines, I believe we're charged more to restart/convert these lines when they're stopped.


I'm sorry to say if we need to restart a stopped MPF line we'd charge £49.99 to do so, however an engineer shouldn't need access to the property as the conversion/activation should be achievable without a visit.

An exception to booking an engineer appointment would be if the line was ceased and didn't show as a stopped line at your address on the ordering system, at which point we'd also need to book an appointment.

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 Harry Beesley
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Re: Is engineer visit and installation charge necessary?

There can be a charge imposed when switching from a non-BT line but I'd convince PN to waive any install charge.

As a new customer there are a number of choices available in regards to supplier- make them work for your business.