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Insult-being charged £65 for Plusnets mistake inspite of indisputable evidence

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Insult-being charged £65 for Plusnets mistake inspite of indisputable evidence

I've a recording of all my Plusnet calls including when I first contracted the service. In that first call I clearly state my correct address and its repeated back to me. But three weeks later we wait in all day for the engineer and he doesn't arrive. Neither has the modem arrived. I call Plusnet that evening and find they have the wrong address. As its out of hours for Plusnets 'order updates' I also ring the following morning and speak with the 'order updates' section.

During both calls I provide the date and time of the original phone call to order the service, and even provide such information as the number of minutes and seconds into the call when I stated my address and it was repeated back to me. I offer to e-mail the recording but am told Plusnet already have a copy of that first phone call.
After having spent over two hours on the phone explaining all this, I get an e-mail back within 2 hours saying I will be charged £65 for the error that Plusnet madeAngry. I reply to that ticket number the next working day but days later I've had no furthur response.Lips_are_sealed
I've cancelled the direct debit and demanded a full refund unless Plusnet cease to attempt to charge me for their mistake.
They've also sent the modem out to the wrong address and will need to send me another without charge.

Why does Plusnet think it can get away with treating potential new customers so poorly? This amounts to taking money under false pretenses, with no attempt to liase with the customer.Shocked

UPDATE: I've received an assurance via the Plusnet chat that we won't be charged for the error and our internet will be installed in two weeks, so hopefully all will be well.Smiley

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Insult-being charged £65 for Plusnets mistake inspite of indisputable evidence

Hi Chazz,


Glad to see this has been sorted but I;m really sorry it was handled poorly in the first instance so I'll be passing on some feedback.


Please feel free to get back to me here if you have any further concerns.

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Insult-being charged £65 for Plusnets mistake inspite of indisputable evidence

Hi Adam,

Well finally, 42 days after I ordered it, and after hours and hours on the phone dealing with Plusnet's mistakes, BT came yesterday and today I've received an e-mail saying my broadband is activated.

Not that this means I've actually got working internet thoughCrazy

The e-mail I received this morning says "

Getting connected

You've not ordered a Plusnet router, so to connect your existing hardware you'll need the information below:


Aaaaaaargh, my order includes a free modem. At least twice during (recorded) phone calls I've pointed out that the router needs to be delivered.

In the online chat this was also covered:
Charles ******: What is clear is that I gave the correct information yet it was not entered into your computers inspite of being repeated back to me.
[CSA Removed]: I'm going to need to replace the orders. You will not be charged for any missed engineers as there definitely appears to be an error on our part.

Charles ******: And you will need to send a modem out to the correct address
[CSA Removed]: Yes I will arrange that too for you

But as the router hadn't arrived by Tuesday, the day before BT were due, I used Plusnet chat to make sure it would soon arrive:

Charles ******: Are you able to confirm that a modem has been dispatched? My order has been delayed twice due to a mistake at Plusnet's end (admitted by Plusnet) and BT are due to arrive tommorow PM.
[CSA Removed]: Great. I have had a look your router has been dispatched to our suppliers

As you seem keen to ensure that Plusnet don't alientate their customers could you look at whether a router is on its way, so that I can actually use the service, and look into how I ended up being told this morning that I hadn't ordered the router, which is meant to be provided automatically as part of the deal!

Moderator's note by Mike (Mav): CSA names removed as per Forum rules.

Community Gaffer
Community Gaffer
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Re: Insult-being charged £65 for Plusnets mistake inspite of indisputable evidence

Sorry about that confusing automated email. It seems to be a known issue that it advises you haven't ordered a router when a router has definitely been ordered on the account.


Your router was sent about 2 weeks ago. It looks like after the address mix up, your correct address was only updated on your account and not in the router component which was added before the address was updated.

I've sent you another router now which you should receive shortly.

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