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Hi all. Switched to Plusnet fibre after several years with Virgin and have a few questions.

We have a master socket upstairs but its on the other side of the house, would it be possible to install a new master socket downstairs or is that not part of the installation fee i've paid (£49.99)? The line I think may be active - not 100% sure as Virgin use their own socket. I'd prefer it it was downstairs in the living room - it's a big inconvenient if the wifi router is upstairs and the landline downstairs with an extension cable. 

Also regarding landline number i've contacted VM and they have stated my phone will still be active until the transfer is completed. However I have not had any correspondence from Plusnet regarding the landline transfer.

Any help would be appreciated - Live Chat is always unavailable.

Many thanks


Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Installation

Hi Jab2, the £49.99 fee is to get the line connected to the property using existing infrastructure. We can arrange for Openreach to change the location of the master socket via a separate visit but do bear in mind that would be at a cost of around £130+VAT. 


I've just checked your account and the phone and broadband services went live earlier today and I can see that you're online with us now. 


Please do get back in touch if there are any issues though. 

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 Adam Walker
 Plusnet Help Team