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Installation issues

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Registered: ‎26-03-2020

Installation issues

Openreach engineer was booked to arrive today. The news earlier this week already started that Openreach wouldn't be completing any installs that required entry to the house. Just to be sure I contacted Plusnet support who confirmed this was the case and that the engineers visit had indeed been cancelled.


Phone call from the Openreach engineer this morning who had arrived (I wasn't at home) but didn't appear to be aware that he would need access to the house. 


Just had a email from yourselves starting that I would "ensure I had given the correct details to pass on to the engineer, as this was the reason for the installation not being successful." 


"Please note: there will be a re-booking free for the appointment"


I'm not sure if this was meant to be funny, but at this moment in time, the joke fell rather flat. 


Can somebody please get the left and right hands to talk to each other and provide me with some serious clarity on the situation