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Inept staff and promises they can't keep

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Inept staff and promises they can't keep

I was (am...for now) an existing Plusnet customer. I wish I had the foresight to read this board before I committed to the stress and frustration I am having to experience following a house move.

I am a keyworker.  I am a Mental Health Crisis line call handler. We use 'virtual' call handling software for the line, as well as an online logging system and Microsoft Teams for support (notwithstanding online searches and signposting). If I need to do a transfer of a caller to the emergency services or crisis services, this is done through our online call handling portal. Thus, secure, reliable and stable broadband service is imperative to me being able to do my job properly - and keeping myself and my callers safeguarded.

  • 28/10 -  I provided Plusnet with 4 weeks notification of my house move and the CSA I spoke to stated that he would instigate the transfer and a few days before the move an Open Reach engineer would be in contact to set it up. The termination at my old property was due for 27th November, with the new service expected to be up and running the same day. When I knew about the move, I booked some holiday from work for the days where it would be anticipated I may not be online whilst the service transferred over. 
  • 25/11 - Two days before my house move I had still not heard from OpenReach so I called Plusnet - only to find that the CSA I had spoken to had logged my house move, but had somehow managed to "forget" to place my order. I spoke to a very empathetic and helpful CSA who spent some time trying to work out the best way to proceed (given the error was theirs and my need for broadband for work). He organised a keyworker escalation and a "rushed" install of ADSL so that I could at least have some form of internet access (albeit very low speed).
  • 30/11 - ADSL line set up
  • 30/11 - An automated text message from OpenReach regarding setting up my line on 08/12. I responded to the texts and assumed that this would be the date for fibre to go live.
  • 5/12 - our ADSL speeds drop to 0.2mbps (or no connection at all). This basically rendered it unusable and not fit for purpose for me to do my job. In the end, I had to tether to my partner's phone to use his data to work (the 4G is poor in the area anyway so not an ideal solution, and since moving in my partner has now used 75GB of his work phone data). I vented on Twitter to Plusnet and a member of the social media team got in touch.
  • 5/12 - Social Media CSA noted: "Early indications are the Fibre order will be completed by 10th December, however, I will monitor this for BT Wholesale's committed date and advise further on Monday."
  • 5/12 - Social Media CSA suggests I connect to BTWifi - however, despite the coverage map suggesting otherwise, it's not actually available at my address (or in the nearby locality for that matter as I have looked when out on my phone)
  • 10/12 - Despite previous suggestion - no communication from Openreach re: order completion today. Instead, after contacting Plusnet I am told "I have requested an update to your order from our suppliers as they have not fulfilled the order as requested. It appears the text message you received was triggered automatically as they have advised the provision is now committed to 18th December, however, I have been unable to get any further explanation."
  • 11/12 - the following message received: "Further to your recent contact requesting a sooner date for your broadband provision, I have raised an expedite request with our suppliers BT Wholesale in view of the date they have offered for the modification.
    Please note this is not guaranteed as there can still be logistical issues affecting the provision however I will review this on Monday when I'm next in to see whether our suppliers have responded."
  • 14/12 - message received: "I'm sorry to advise I have not as yet received a response from our suppliers regarding your broadband expedite. I will raise a query with them if I have not received a response by tomorrow."
  • 15/12 - I rang to enquire if there was any further update, after being on hold for 30+ minutes I was told that the CSA could not help me as a different department are dealing with the enquiry and they don't take calls. 

48 days, nearly 7 weeks since I initiated contact with Plusnet, and they're still not able to tell me, for certain, when I could get fibre broadband. 

This morning I rang Talk Talk to enquire how quickly they could get a fibre service set up and was told 31st December. How is it that TalkTalk can give me a date and Plusnet just continually fob me off from day to day and I still don't know when I will get fibre?
This has caused me an enormous amount of stress and anxiety - and greatly disrupted my ability to do my job properly. I lost all trust in Plusnet.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Inept staff and promises they can't keep

 Hi @kstone76, I am really sorry for the delays that you have encountered and that the agent you spoke with today advised they were unable to assist further after your wait to get through.


I can see my colleague has ownership of this for you and the latest update now been provided, this can be viewed on your open ticket here. My colleague will continue to monitor this and keep you updated should anything change.


I am really sorry for the inconvenience caused in the meantime.

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 Lauren Barry
 Plusnet Help Team