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Incorrect address during online broadband purchase

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Incorrect address during online broadband purchase

Hi, I'm trying to sign up with Plusnet specifically through the online system so I can make the most of 3rd party offers (e.g. cash back).  When I search for my postcode (CF10 4NG) online it comes up with only "Barquentine Place" addresses as opposed to the correct address line which is "Windlass Court, Barquentine Place".  As a result any order that I place online will either get bounced due to an inaccurate address or have an additional £50 installation charge.  I've checked the postcode with Openreach and it comes up with the correct "Windlass Court" address list.  They informed me that you would need to undertake an ORDI request to Openreach to update this.  Would it be possible to do this so me and the rest of the residents on my street can sign up online without the hassle of using the call centre?

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Re: Incorrect address during online broadband purchase

Hi there.

Unfortunately it falls to the current provider of the line to submit the ORDI keeping the Openreach records up to date.

That said if you can send me a PM with your full address as it appears on the Royal Mail database I'll see if there's anything we can do to help.

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