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Impossible to get through to customer services.

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Registered: ‎13-08-2020

Impossible to get through to customer services.

Bit of a theme here, order placed 10th July, money taken on DD very promptly, ten days came and went so I started to try and speak to someone. Gave up after several days, no online chat, raised the first ticket message. Reply after about 5 days - contact the provisioning team, how? 

Several more days on hold, raised a second ticket, reply after about five days, looks like there is an error on your order, contact the provisioning team, but I just explained there is no way of doing this.

Award winning customer service, even allowing for Covid I don't think so, why take on new customers if you can't support them.

No idea where I go from here, work shifts and can't spend long periods on hold, cancel the DD and give up, don't suppose I'd ever get a refund.

Any suggestions?