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I'm a new customer to Plusnet.

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I'm a new customer to Plusnet.

I'm a new customer to Plusnet.

I decided to go with Plusnet after they initially told me I could get Fibre Broadband at my property. So on 31st of October Plusnet terminated by WORKING Talk Talk ADSL account. They reconnected my telephone service but since then I've had no Broadband service for the last 30 days plus they've since told me Fibre is NOT now available and my account will have to be ADSL one. Plusnet Technical keep blaming Openreach for providing no service. I've signed up with Plusnet NOT Openreach. Over the last 30 days I think I've spoken, when I eventually get through, to every member of staff at Plusnet. I'm just going round in circles and getting nowhere fast.

Worst Broadband decision I made to transfer to Plusnet. Going to give them until Saturday 3rd Dec then Monday I'll cancel through the 'Breach of Contract' law.

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Re: I'm a new customer to Plusnet.

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