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Hub one = hub none

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Hub one = hub none

I didn't want to start a new thread but couldn't see the option of contributing to people's posts with similar issues. Anyway, got a text today from open reach to say were activating your broadband and please plug in your router. Once we've finished we will let you know.
So I left my previous provider after 18 years because recently discovered they were overcharging me, without any remorse etc.
Decided to conduct due diligence and reasons I went with PN where:
Which recommended
Good customer service and communication
Reported speed consistency and publicised ease of transfer.
There were cheaper options for similar packages Vodaphone for example, but because of the excellent customer service I went with PN.
Anyway, expecting to be forewarned about the line transfer I was surprised to have had the text today from BT. PN advertised that I would get the router a couple of days before this happened. I rang PN and was informed by a helpful assistant that they had been receiving a lot of calls recently about routers not turning up . Explained it was a logistical system error, and one would be despatched by 1st class post. I thought that's reasonable, but on looking at past posts/ external forums this supply and demand issue is not something new, is something that PN are obviously aware of, but for some reason have not rectified or taken proactive steps to manage customer expectations.
So here I sit in a 4G world without any internet/Sky/streaming services, available to me by my NEW IP. ( First world problems) Oh, by the way I am being charged from today for this, so at the very least expect a credit for this shoddy service.
A great introduction for a new customer, I'm definitely not feeling the love, let alone feeling proud!!!
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Re: Hub one = hub none

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Re: Hub one = hub none

Why not just use your BT Router? Just change the username and password, it should take you less time that it did to type your post.

A quick search on here will give you more details if you need them.

Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Hub one = hub none

Hi Hedge, I'm really sorry for the poor experience with us. You may see the odd post about delivery issues as unfortunately problems can happen from time to time when posting items. We do have a known issue at present that we're looking into and I'm sorry to see that you were affected. 

As others have mentioned you should be able to connect using a BT hub if you still have one until our equipment arrives with you. 


Please let us know when it reaches you so we can arrange credit for any time without service. 

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 Adam Walker
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