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How long for phone line set up?

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How long for phone line set up?



We placed an order for our broadband package two weeks ago (on the 8th of May). We don't currently have a phone line so we have ordered the complete package (18 months free, £16.99 line rental, plus £49.99 set up fee and delivery of router). We selected 31st of May for our phone line set up and were anticipating having it all ready to go within about of month of ordering it.


The following day we received a text and email to advise us that the date we had selected for the phone line set up were not suitable and that we would be notified of another date when this would be able to take place.

And since then, nothing. I've tried getting onto the online chat this morning but it's not working (I've not been able to try before now because we don't have broadband at home).


Does anyone know how long it's likely to take to get the line set up? I'm having a medical procedure this Friday and was really hopeful (at the time of ordering) that we would have the broadband fairly soon afterwards to keep me occupied while I recover. 🙂


Thanks in advance.

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Re: How long for phone line set up?

PN are dependent on Openreach resources; I should have another go at contacting CHAT.
You may have been too early for them earlier.

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Re: How long for phone line set up?

Thanks for replying.


I'm guessing the chat people are just really busy at the moment because it's still saying no one's available. If they're dependent on the BT guys being free, hopefully it won't be too much longer. We live on a small Scottish island with a couple of BT engineers in residence and things have been quietening down for them recently.


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Re: How long for phone line set up?

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Re: How long for phone line set up?

I can see this issue was discussed with one of my colleagues earlier today, unfortunately there is external work needed to progress this order and we've been asked to check for updates on the 25th May. Sorry that this is taking longer than expected.

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