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How do you cancel an order?

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How do you cancel an order?

I signed up for Plusnet and paid the first month on 1st September.  I have received a welcome email and that is all.  Plusnet have had my money for over a month and I have had no communication and I cannot contact them.  I want to cancel and get my money back as if it is this bad at the start it's not going to get any better!  I am currently with Talktalk who I thought were poor but have to say they run rings round Plusnet for communication and I will now renew my contract with them but I want my money back for the non-existent service I received from Plusnet.  How, just how do you communicate with these guys???

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Re: How do you cancel an order?


You can always write, see (this is a pdf download). As you are outside of your 14 days cooling off period I would write and say that you are cancelling because they have failed to contact you or provide a service within 30 days and that you are exercising your rights in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act, see and please return my money without delay.