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House move help, please

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House move help, please


This sounds familiar, but a little different. We have been happy with PlusNet for over a year but now it’s all gone wrong during our recent house move! I contacted Customer Services on 16 August to arrange for the move of our broadband and telephone account to our new address with effect from 24 August. I was told that two weeks' notice is required - not possible because the move date was only agreed on 12 August - but not a major issue. We had standard fibre service at our old address and were told that the faster fibre service was available at our new address, so I requested an upgrade to the faster service and agreed a new contract. So far, so good.

Over the next 3 weeks I received a series of emails with different reference numbers and incomprehensible (to me) messages - none of them clear as to what was happening. I initially thought we had agreed an installation date of 5 September and then heard that for some reason the order had been cancelled, due to the incompetency of the person I had originally dealt with. It was then reinstated, but of course that would mean another two weeks delay. Then further incomprehensible emails.

Today I received the following message:

"Thank you for your interest in PlusNet fibre. Unfortunately, your fibre cabinet does not have the capacity for new orders. Because of this we’d like to make you aware of your options:- 1) We can downgrade your account to our Unlimited Broadband service (for more information and prices see here and you can choose to upgrade to our Fibre service in the future once this shows as available on the website by logging into our member centre here here 2) We can cancel your order free of charge if you contact our Customer Options Team by dialling the number below and selecting option 3 on our telephone system. If you’d like to take option 1 or 2 please reply to this ticket or you can give us a call on 0800 432 0200 or on 0345 140 0200 and we will be happy to help. This Question is now on hold until Wednesday 14th September at 7:00am.”

Pointless trying to call them because you need to hang on for over half an hour and I don’t have time to do that at work. Pointless trying to go online for a chat because all the operators are busy!

In the meantime I’m still being charged for the service and have no idea when it will be resolved or precisely what the problem is. Will I get any fibre service, or just the slower version, or am I now forced to go back to snail service? My husband and I both work from home regularly which currently means that we are unable to do that. 

Surely it should have been possible to establish whether the capability was available before accepting the order. All I want to do is speak to someone about it, which appears to be impossible. I would have thought that PlusNet having made an error they would be keen to keep a customer happy.

Seriously thinking about moving to another provider.

What's gone wrong with PlusNet?


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Re: House move help, please

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