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House Move Order

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Registered: ‎19-08-2019

House Move Order

I called on the 24th of July to let you know I was moving home and that I wanted to take you with us. That was the date that I knew the move was confirmed. I haven’t heard much since then and I’m quite confused about the messages I’m seeing in my account and the error message present on my account screen. As far as I know I need to be contacted about an engineer...

I’m getting a bit worried that I’m going to be totally without internet for the entirety of August seeing other’s complaints etc. I would like an update, but also do not want to wait on the phone for an hour+ for someone to tell me they have no information or to hang up.

Can someone please let me know the status of my order and if I’m likely to even have Internet this month? I’m a teacher, going into September with no internet will not be an option...

Wondering if I should have gone with another provider for the move in the first place.