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Home move - transfer of line and broadband

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Home move - transfer of line and broadband

I rang Plusnet a few weeks back to let them know we were moving home and therefore needed to transfer our line and fibre to a new property. I was advised this would happen on 27 July.

An automated message on my account then let me know the order had been rejected for some unspecified reason. I chased this and the order was replaced, with line activation now due on 29 July. As nothing happened today I rang a third time and was advised the order had been rejected again, for a reason the call centre employee could not identify. We had not been informed of this and so didn’t know we wouldn’t have internet. I was told I would be called back today with more information, which has not happened. Apparently it has something to do with Openreach.

The upshot is that a) I don’t think the order for the transfer of the line to the new property is actually in progress yet (despite it being requested three weeks ago) which b) means it won’t be active for at least another 7 working days. We no longer have access to the old property so are effectively paying for nothing and have no internet. I appreciate these are difficult times for everyone but it’s really poor customer service that I am having to chase this repeatedly and no one can tell me what the issue is. Surely if the order is rejected that should trigger an internal process to review what is happening?

Can someone advise me what the issue with the order is, why it keeps getting rejected and what needs to be done to activate our broadband? Is there any point in cancelling the account altogether and opting for a different supplier?
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Home move - transfer of line and broadband

Thanks for your post @Linwood

I can see our support team have picked this up for you today

Let us know if there's anything else we can help with

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 Matthew Wheeler
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