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Help no phone socket for new service brand new customer

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Help no phone socket for new service brand new customer

I had an email a couple of days ago which I only read last night as it had gone to my junk folder, the email advised me that the engineer wouldn't need access to house today for new installation as it could be completed from outside, but the thing is I have no phone socket in the sitting room just a defunct unconnected one in a very awkward place in the kitchen which is no good to me (previous tenants I presume) what do I do now ? I thought a new installation meant a new socket too. Help.
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Re: Help no phone socket for new service brand new customer

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Re: Help no phone socket for new service brand new customer

Hello @jy742


I do apologise for any confusion caused, a New Line Installation does not cover the cost for the master socket to be installed at a preferred location within your premises.


Openreach must provide you with at least one active socket within the premise, a New Line Installation covers the costs for activating a line at your premises. The charges both cover the external work at your cabinet box and any fitting in the master socket plate within your property.


If there is not a master socket within your premises, there will be wires hanging loosely at an area within the premises. This is the area where the Engineer will install the master socket. 


However, when our suppliers carry out a line check test, they are able to pick up if there is a master socket within the property. Should this be the case, the Engineer will only work externally at your local cabinet box in order to facilitate a connection at your address.


Should you wish to move your master socket to a more preferred location, we can liaison on your behalf with Openreach to perform a 'master socket relocation'. Openreach does charge £160.00 to carry out this work. However, it is worth noting it usually works out cheaper if you are able to find your own local engineer, who is able to on BT lines to carry out this task for you.


I hope this information has helped. I do apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Should you require any further assistance, please feel free to get back in touch with us.


Many thanks.