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Going live toimorrow!?

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Registered: ‎03-09-2016

Going live toimorrow!?

So my fibre should switch over tomorrow. It's not likely going to be usable though. I have no router and PlusNet only just ordered me one today when I contacted them about it. It'll be with me tomorrow/1-3 days/2-4 days/3-5 days depending on which email or communication I look at!



I mean it's seriously bad enough that your automated system isn't very automated. It's worse still that there's clearly no safeguards in place to pick up errors like this. It's worse still that Plusnet advisers confirmed this has happened in the past (and nothing has changed). They don't have any other way to get the hardware sent out other than via royal mail! No courier option; nothing. Your thoughts please!?


Essentially if I'm not up and running tomorrow I'll be cancelling with Plusnet. You can't advise me several times there will be minimal down-time and then have this happen and have no way to remedy it even though any reasonably company can courier stuff out via DHL or any of the numerous of courier services available. Heck I could probably order a router from Amazon this afternoon and it'll still arrive tomorrow morning.



Anybody else had these problems?