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Get the deal then upgrade?

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Get the deal then upgrade?

I was wondering what happens if i were to sign up to the unlimited fibre broadband (38Mbps) & calls deal to get the £50 gift card and then upgrade to 76Mbps package.


The reason im asking is because i wanted the 76Mbps package but it doesnt have any gift card deal like the lower packages so is this a way round it?



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Community Gaffer
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Re: Get the deal then upgrade?

Hi there,

In theory, that should be fine. If your line supports a downstream speed of above 40mbps we should be able to get your service upgraded within 1 working day of the order being placed.

The upgrade would start a new contract with retention deal pricing, whilst competitive, we can’t guarantee we’d be able to offer you the new customer Unlimited Fibre Extra deal.

If you’re wanting to go ahead, my advice would be to sign up on Unlimited Fibre, wait for your service to go live and the cashback to arrive, then call us on 0800 013 2632 to put the product change through.
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