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Frustrating Delays with my Broadband Order

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Frustrating Delays with my Broadband Order

Hi there,


I placed an order for broadband on the 16th November prior to the move to a new house.



A week later, after moving to the new house, I checked the status of the order. By this point I had received no further information from Plusnet beyond the initial order when you very quickly took payment.


According to the order tracker it was still stuck on the "checking your details/checking your line" stage.


I tried to contact the order department, but of course the department wasn't open on the Saturday evening when I rang, or the following Sunday. When I tried to called on the Monday, I was told there was a wait time of an hour. I decided to ring back later - still a wait time of an hour. I tried a third time and it was still this long, so eventually had to wait on the phone for an hour to speak to a customer service assistant. 


I eventually got through to someone, who was very apologetic and agreeable. He said there had been some sort of issue but that he'd put the order through manually. He said I should have a completion date within a couple of days and that he'd open a ticket.



Obviously the couple of days have now long passed and I'm no closer to a completion date. The ticket that has been opened has a few cryptic and generally uninformative entries in it and on the order tracker I seem now to have regressed back to the "checking your line" stage.


I don't understand how this can be so difficult. My understanding was that the previous owner of this house ran Plusnet, so I'm fairly sure the hardware is all fine - what is the hold up with this?


I'm trying hard to be patient, but this really is very poor service so far. My family is ripping through the data allowance on their mobile phones and it's costing me more and more money to top them up. Much more than this, I'm starting to get fed up of having to chase updates on the order. 


Could you kindly give me a clear update of what is happening with my order and how quickly it can be resolved, or just cancel it and I can go with another provider.


Many thanks,

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Re: Frustrating Delays with my Broadband Order

I'm having exactly the same issue. My family are getting irate too, only people I'm not hearing from about this flipping phone and broadband at home is Plusnet!
Looking at the threads on here, it's commonplace. I won't be waiting much longer and will be demanding my initial payment back 🤬
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Frustrating Delays with my Broadband Order

@andymcg Sorry to hear this.

I can see you've spoken with us regarding this and you've decided to cancel the order

Apologies for any inconvenience caused

@Milliemac I can see my colleague has responded to your other post regarding this

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 Matthew Wheeler
 Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Frustrating Delays with my Broadband Order

Am facing the same issue, i have placed my order on 12-Nov, so far no update!!


Irrespective of the time whenever i tried to call customer care wait time is 60 min..such a pathetic service 

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Frustrating Delays with my Broadband Order

Ni @newbie3


I have responded on your thread regarding your order.