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Fit for purpose?

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Fit for purpose?

I ordered Plusnet Fibre extra broadband and phone on the 29/07/17 through one of there customer service reps over the phone, who told me i would need an engineer who would be coming on 17/08/17 between 8am and 1pm to install a new phone line at the cost of £49.99,even though i had supplied to Original BT number attached to the BT line which i had gained by using 17070 line test .I then received an email confirming this for the said date and time, So I took the day off work so I could be in for the engineer and sat at home waiting. 

Now to issue 1, After waiting all morning for a non existant engineer i decided to phone Plusnet and ask when he would be arriving, to my surprise the virgin phoneline was as dead as the proverbial dodo, so i connected to the old BT socket in the hall and ran the 17070 test to see the number had changed to my old Virgin Number .

Proceded to call Plusnet  to see when to expect the engineer ,after 20 minutes on hold I got through to a very nice lady who searched through my account for a while to find the engineer had completed his task at the cabinet and did not need to attend the House.

Now i cant see why i was charged an installation fee for Someone to look in cabinet and Do NOTHING.The line had a dial tone was connected to the Openreach Network before the virgin number was migrated across.

Issue 2, I was expecting an engineer at the property as its normal practise to Upgrade old Sockets to newer NTE5 faceplates which allow End users to easily add extensions within the property without Breaching any Openreach policy on demarc points/master sockets as my Bt/Openreach "master" socket is ancient and the front door opens onto the socket with no access to power and i am not allowed to modify the master socket to fit suitable extension.So to use the phone/ModemRouter i have had to run an power extension cord to get temporary use.

I believe i should ,of either been NOT charged for the install or the install to of been done by the engineer who would of if he actually attended the property would of seen the remedial work needed to the cable on the outside of the property as its Not suitable for outside installation.

After around 3 hours worth of onhold talking to plusnet Customer support /technicians etc basically to be told unlucky its working not our issue.When i asked to complain i was told to complain to openreach as it was them who install, yet on the openreach site it states all complaints about installation MUST go through the I.S.P.

 So new buyers beware £49.99 doesn't mean you will see an engineer or that he will actually DO anything.

Now to why i decided to post on here, The fact that i didnt have a suitable Openreach Master Socket to its position behind the door was discussed  when I ordered, to be told the engineer will Ensure the connection is suitable for the service provided and will add extention to where  i desired if needed.

Just because something works doesnt make it FIT FOR PURPOSE.

But Hey i can just leave right and find another provider, Yep with a cost involved for early termination of a contract on day 1

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Re: Fit for purpose?

Hi there,


Our suppliers advised us that no appointment was required, sorry that info wasn't relayed over to you. Sad

Whilst access to your property wasn't required, an engineer needed to complete work at the exchange/cab so the new line installation fee is still applicable I'm afraid.


Whilst I appreciate you're wanting a new master socket installed at a more convenient location, that isn't the purpose of a new line install and the applicable fee. An engineer would sometimes provide a new socket for quality purposes if a visit was required to complete the order. Sorry to see that wasn't the case.


Since no visit was required, to move a master socket we'd normally progress this as an internal shift order and pass the cost of £160 on to yourself as the customer. Having said that I believe you've since spoken to our support team and we've arranged for an engineer to visit tomorrow morning to resolve this for you free of charge as a gesture of goodwill.



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