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Fibre upgrade due today

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Fibre upgrade due today

My fibre upgrade is due today I've connected the new router and checked the settings etc but still running slow speeds,will I receive an email or text when it's ready or do I just keep checking with crossed fingers?
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Re: Fibre upgrade due today

Don't get your hopes up mate, I orderd Fibre on 21/08, still nothing.. was ment to go live after 12pm yesterday.

now I see is

"We're waiting for confirmation that your broadband order, due , has completed."

I always heard plusnet was [-Censored-]e, but gave them the Benefit of the doubt, I'll get a refund, and get something else.

They wasted my time, and owe me interest on my money in thier bank account, 2% a day. will do [small claims court]


Good luck

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Re: Fibre upgrade due today

Looks like the Mrs will get her way and get sky now then
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Re: Fibre upgrade due today


Have a look at the BT Wholesale checker site at

Enter your phone number and look in the text below the results table.

It will say if there is an open order on your line and more importantly the date it is due to be completed.


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Re: Fibre upgrade due today


Hi @Nath and welcome to our community forums.

From what I can see your fibre order has been delayed to 10/09/2018 due to engineer availability to carry out the work at the cabinet(The green box in the road).
You'll receive an automated email in the early hours of the morning advising the product change is complete, but the engineering work should happen within normal business hours.

Apologies for the lack of communication regarding this. 


@Menace65, I'll reply to your numerous other threads shortly.

From 31st October 2022, I no longer have a regular presence here as I’ve moved on to a new role.
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