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Fibre-ready, don't need an engineer!

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Fibre-ready, don't need an engineer!

Hi there, I've just moved into a new build that is fibre-ready. All the OpenReach infrastructure is installed, including an OpenReach connection point on the exterior of the building and an OpenReach box plugged in inside. I've confirmed with the Developer that it's ready to go, just needs a connection... NO engineer necessary.

But PlusNet keeps telling me I need an OpenReach engineer to come out, which also means I have to wait a month before I can get connected.

This is all unnecessary, and I'd love to save us all time... can someone at PlusNet please get in touch with OpenReach so everyone's records are updated and correct and I can just get service going? I've tried contacting them, but it's really hard for end users to get in touch with anyone over there. 

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Re: Fibre-ready, don't need an engineer!

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Re: Fibre-ready, don't need an engineer!


The internal box is an Optical Network Terminal or ONT for short. You connect your router via an Ethernet cable which gives you a bit of leeway where it goes if you're happy to run cable.


As it 's a first time connection there may well be work required by an engineer somewhere - who are busy catching up with all the missed appointments when they are on strike.


Hopefully a staff member will come along and look into things for you but the forum staff are busy as well so it might take a couple of days.



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Re: Fibre-ready, don't need an engineer!

Hi @klsargent,

If you connect an ethernet cable into the red WAN port of the Plusnet router and then into port 1 of the Openreach modem, what lights show up? If they’re all green on the modem, apart from LOS, send me a private message with the serial number of the Openreach modem and we could try cancelling the order and doing a remote activation instead.

However it's worth noting if there’s an issue with the external network and the remote activation fails, it may take longer to get you online as we’d have restarted the order from scratch again, which would ultimately delay the engineer visit. 

Let me know if you’d want to give it a go though.

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