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Fibre Newbie - Issues with Activation

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Fibre Newbie - Issues with Activation

Hi All,

I signed up to the Unlimited Fibre Extra plan on the 12/01/2021.

I am have moved into a new property, so do not know if the flat previously had fibre, their provider etc.

During sign up I was informed I would need an engineer to install fibre (£49.99 charge), I booked the earliest available date which was 25/01/21.

The order email stated if I did not hear from Plusnet within two days the appointment would go ahead and no changes would be made.

I had no correspondence with plusnet until 25/01/21 when I called to enquire if they could give me an estimate time the engineer would be coming. I was then informed that I would not need an engineer and instead they would be sending me a router.

I asked when my activation date would be, at which I was told 01/02/21. I asked if this date could be moved forwards. I am a self-employed sports coach, I have been unable to work since November due to restrictions, and I was hoping to earn a bit of money though online sessions, hence my urgency to get internet ASAP as finically I am hugely struggling. I was told the activation date is “locked in and can’t be moved” which seems ridiculous as the date had changed from the 25/01/21 to 01/02/21 by plusnet themselves.

I enquired about a refund of the £49.99 as I had my installation appointment cancelled, yet I was told an engineer did come out and do work outside. However in a previous phone call I was told I would not need an engineer at all.

Could anyone shed any light if they’ve had success at getting an installation refund and also if I can actually expect my fibre to activate today?

Sorry for such a long post!
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Re: Fibre Newbie - Issues with Activation

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