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Fiber Order issues.... (concerned now)

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Fiber Order issues.... (concerned now)

I placed an order for fiber broadband and new line on 14/06/2017. A lot of delays and finally getting progress today with a date given for Thursday 16th for line being installed. The only thing worrying me which I explained on the phone is the cabinet was showing available when I placed the order/then waiting list/then accepting orders and now back to waiting list. Reading some previous posts I’m concerned that there is no way my port for fiber has/can be reserved until my line is installed physically? I’ve been given a BT number today and it rings when calling it. I’m now wondering until line actually fitted they will then tell me they can no longer provide fiber as cabinet full. Is this the case or has this order has been ordered sometime ago the port would of been reserved?
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Re: Fiber Order issues.... (concerned now)

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