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Falsely told money not taken until installation, is this legal?

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Falsely told money not taken until installation, is this legal?

I signed up for broadband on 13/03/19. I elected for the 12 month full payment package, ie the 12 months in one go (as opposed to monthly). The first available date for installation was 04/04/19 so I selected this.
Given the wait time for installation, I phoned to clarify when the payment would be taken from my account, explaining that I had chosen to pay the full year in one go - and was told this would not be until 04/04/19, and she even told me "it would be stupid if it was taken sooner"... This information was on the phone and then was repeated in writing in an email to my account.
However - the money was taken from my account on the 13/03/19. I was therefore falsely told that I would pay nothing until a month's time ie 04/04/19, but instead the full c£250 was taken in advance.  I tried to explain this to another agent who kept talking over me and wouldn't listen - he was effectively berating me until finally going "Oh right, yeah, I see what you mean".  Really frustrating and means that I paid out £250 (and had to wait a month before I could even get an installation) despite being told the money would not be taken until the installation date.  The second guy I spoke to says he logged a complaint but I have lost all faith in Plusnet to stand by their word already so who knows?
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Re: Falsely told money not taken until installation, is this legal?


Hi @lucy5, I'm sincerely sorry to hear of the poor start you've got off too with the service and I can confirm a colleague has both picked up both your other thread on our Community Forums and the complaint ticket raised on oyur account. I can confirm she's seen your recent response and is in due course to reply to the ticket on your account.
Your other thread: