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Failure to Place Order (TWICE!!!)

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Failure to Place Order (TWICE!!!)

I was in the middle of a rather long and frustrating livechat but the window got closed (probably my fault) and I just cannot face another frustrating conversation with [CSA Removed] with 5 minutes between replies and him only answering about half of my questions.




We moved into a new premises on the 8th January and placed an order with  Didn't hear anything for a while and chased them up after about 10 days or so only to be told that they hadn't placed the order at all, and we'd now go to the back of the queue and have to wait for Openreach etc.


After another week or so we were told there was a restriction on the line that would lift shortly and that the order would then be placed.


We still hadn't heard anything back so I contact plusnet on livechat today to be told that once again, no orders have been placed and that we go to the back of the queue.


Understandably I am pretty furious about this as we placed the order in good faith nearly a month ago and have been repeatedly told that orders have been placed when in fact, no work has been undertaken at all.

Can someone please ensure that these orders have now actually been placed and let me know what you are going to do in mitigation for the fact that we will have been without broadband for six weeks through no fault of our own?


I have been told that we will have to wait another 9 days for an Openreach engineer but I fail to see how this is fair given that you presumably have a lot of customers who have placed orders after 8th January receiving their appointments well before us.



I had heard excellent things about the customer service at but this, combined with the absolutely disinterested response from customer service has really put a cloud over everything.

Moderator's note by Dick (Strat): CSA name(s) removed (to an area staff can see) as per Forum rules.

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Re: Failure to Place Order (TWICE!!!)

Go else where mate.. Pn are going down the pan and have been for a while.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Failure to Place Order (TWICE!!!)

HI, I am very sorry to hear about this, I have looked into it for you & I have sent you a full update about it Here - Tony